Need help for build of new computer to play MW2

Hey guys, I plan on building a computer from scratch and I am a complete noob. What should I buy to get the best bang for my buck. Hopefully I won't have to spend more than $300.
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    $300 total?? You can get a decent Netbook. Or a pretty good graphics card :sarcastic:

    Unless that MW2 is MechWarrior 2 I doubt you can do it for that cheap.
  2. Unfortunately unless you have some parts from an old computer that you can re-use you might be in trouble with that $300 budget.

    What game is MW2?

    Why do people always abbreviate game titles? How are people that don't play that game supposed to know what you are talking about?

    If that game is available on a a console you might go that route because you can get a new console system for $300, but not a decent computer.
  3. well, get some money together and come back when your budget is closer to $600, which should be enough to make a decent computer
  4. ^Agree with above, I hope he doesn't mean Modern Warfare 2 300 dollars isn't going to do much. Come back when you saved up some.
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