.After about a minute in the BIOS my display becomes unreadable,fuzzy

When i boot up to the bios , i don't have time to change anything hardly because the screen/display becomes unreadable, fuzzy like . You can still tell that your in the bios cause you can see the blue screen and the white writing, but the writing and everything is blurred and if it sits like that for a minute or two it will start getting lines. I've tried different sticks of ram, and after it wouldn't boot up for awhile i unplugged all the drives and unhooked the power connectors, all i had was one stick of ram and the cpu of course and the keyboard. Then i rebooted it and it came on and stayed on longer than before, at least a couple of minutes. How would i go about it to find out if my onboard graphics are bad ?
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ?tennman70[at]live.com

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  1. list the rest of your system please....
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