Best case to watercool.

ok, starting to aquire pieces to my new build. I really only have a couple of things I KNOW I want, the first is the 6 monitor setup from SAmsung, model MD230. I believe these are all going to be displayport, to work with eyefinity from ATI. The other thing I know is that I would like to watercool this time around. I have never done a water cooling setup in my life, so I have no idea what case to look for. To further complicate things I am looking at the new motherboard from EVGA 270-GT-W555. I would like to run dual Gulftown CPUs, and this looks like it will do that, with support for Quad SLI. Don't think it will work with Crossfire though.

Take what you want from the above, those are my goals in the next few months (as the stuff gets released) as for now, I would like to start ordering the stuff I know I can use (RAM, Case, Waterblocks etc,) and would appreciate any input on this, but like I said, the biggest thing right now is that I would like to know what is the best case for watercooling (dual CPU or not). Thanks in advance
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  1. U have many valid choices at the moment. Maybe is a matter of taste and budget. My humble opinion is this: if u have a budget of 300-400$ u may consider this case:
  2. I will definetly look at this case It seems nice and big. My current build is using a thermaltake spedo Advance. I love the case, but really want to try the watercooling thing this time around
  3. yes tha case is amazing my neighbors got it the lucky bastard you can fit 2 320 mm rads in the bottom with some modding done to it
  4. I would DEFINITLEY go for the Corsair Obsidian 800D:
    Superb... simply no rivals
    And is even cheaper than most of its rivals... even though there aren't ;) 280 bucks
  5. I ordered the 800D. thanks for the advice. Now I just need to start looking into water cooling equipment. any advice?
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