Those of you with raid arrays how do you back them up?


If you are using a raid array how do you back them up? What program, hardware, etc. Please share your knowledge with a noob.

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  1. Most any backup software should be able to handle raid, at least on the backup side. Restoring, on the other hand, can be a problem since some older backup software can't detect a RAID to restore to.

    I use Acronis True Image Home to make backups. I used to have a RAID 1 and it had no problems backing up or restoring to RAID.

    If you are looking for free software, you might want to try Reflect. I haven't tried it on a RAID, but you can try a test run of it.
  2. i backup my most important and unreplaceable files on my 3tb raid5 drive to a 1tb raid1 nas box using syncback.

    the nas i use is the dlink dns-323, it's slow and unsuitable for using as a network drive but works fine as place to automatically backup files to nightly.
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