HD4200 integrated problem

I have an MSi 785e-65 motherboard with an integrated ati HD4200 video card.when i try to instal it on windows xp it seemes that the driver on Cd it s not supported.
Error: Ati catalyst it s not supported by the driver version of ou r enabled graphics adapter
Ati catalyst cannot be started because the currently GPU it s not supported

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  1. Try downloading the latest driver from AMD's site:
  2. Well i downladed last night this driver and still not working.I don't understand: The driver on CD shouldn't be the correct driver fot this product?...i want to try today to instal windows wista and see what's happening.It's possible that this error apear only on xp?...
    there are settings that must be made in bios?...
  3. Well the driver on support CD should have worked,try with Vista and see if it helps however make sure you download/run the Vista version of Catalyst driver
  4. Ok,
    Thank you very mutch.talk later and see what's happening
  5. hi
    probably graphics driver support onle windows vista or later (windows 7)
    please install windows vista or 7
  6. I built a machine in Sept using an ASUS board with 4200 integrated graphics and XP Pro with no problems. I suggest installing the most current MB drivers and contact MSI if that doesn't help.
  7. i have same problem with mihais..my graphic card hd 4670..i instal OS (XP) but doesn't support..my mmonitor screen goes blank..but XP still running,i can't see anything..then i change my OS to Vista..mmy screen goe normally but i can't play some games such Football Manager 2010..
    i need help...!!!
  8. I resolved:)..i installed vista today and it works very good.Today i will install Windows 7.I hope it will work fine.
    I thik there was a problem with CD driver for XP.

    Have a nice day
  9. Glad its fixed,its strange though that the driver with the CD has problems and you can't install it from AMD either,hope it will work with Win7 too ;)
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