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Ok ill start this off by saying I am very familiar with computers and storage but SSD's are new to me and Ive never set up a RAID and Im interested in trying it. I have an Intel 320 series 40GB and an Intel 320 series 120 GB. So my question would be if I set up the 40Gb as my OS and app drive can I partition out 40Gb of the 120Gb and RAID the partition with the OS drive while keeping the other ~80Gb of SSD storage for games? I am open to advice and ideas. Thanks
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  1. Also the MOBO is a ASUS P67 Sabertooth. So an addition question would be; would it even boot from a SSD?
  2. Yes all the above of what you have mentioned will work and configure also as you will be doing a hardware raid, it comes before OS so the windows partitioning section will come after the drive have been raided and yes the board will support the SSD =)
  3. awesome. thanks for the reply. sorry for the delay on my end. my phones not to friendly when it comes to posting on forums. :)
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