Increase fan speeds past manufacturer limits on my laptop cooling pad?

Hey, so my new Cooler Master NotePal U3 Notebook Cooler with 3 Fans R9-NBC-8PCK-G came today and, upon setting it up, I wasn't really impressed with the fan speed. Ya, it cools my hardware down a tad, but when playing Skyrim or whatever, my GPU temperature still goes up to around 95 C like it always does (and yes, I know this is rather hot)... I feel like the manufacturer was focusing too much on making it quiet, than focusing on making it blast out air. However, I would rather have it loud and cool, than quiet and do nothing. So, is there a way I can "hack" the manufacturer's fan speed limits (there is a dial on the side that lets me control the fan speed) to crank out more air?

The fact that it is powered by a USB port gives me hope that it can, since I could maybe control the voltage of that particular USB port or something...
Also, I opened the box which contains the speed dial for the cooling pad, and found a simple little circuit board on the inside. I'm rather a noob when it comes to circuit boards so excuse me if this sounds stupid, but is there something I could do to the circuit board which would max out speeds on the fans?
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    1) You need to indentify the fan then look up it's voltage ratings/power.
    2) the max output from the usb port is 5 V @ less than 0.5 Amps.

    .. You can not do anything about the output power for the USB port. The 5 volts is fixted and if you load it so that you try to draw to much Power (current), the port will (a) limit the current, (B) shut the port down, or (C) you end up damaging the port.

    You can use a digital voltmeter and measure the voltage to the fan with the control turned to max. If it is at 5 Volts then the ONLY thing you could do is replace the fan with one that will provide a higher CMF @ 5 V. WITHOUT exceeding the current limitations of the USB port.

    DVMs are cheap (about $15 ->$20 @ walmart) and very simple to use, Just Google "How to use a voltmeter"
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