Multiple Hardwired Wireless Internet Access Points

I have a modem in the house feed via cableone high speed internet service. My wireless router just died. I have a empty 2 inch plastic conduit running underground from the house to my shop. Roughly 40 feet. The house and shop have a aluminum mylar layer of insulation that blocks wireless access through the walls. I need a new wireless router in the house that will allow me to hard wire another wireless access point out in the shop via the underground conduit and then hard wire to another wireless access point on the outside of the shop to feed a patio/deck area.

I've looked around our tiny town and all that is available locally is simple wireless routers at Walmart.

Running 2 computers and a printer in the house and 1 computer, one printer and a couple wireless cameras in the shop. Occasionally a laptop on the deck.

Do I need a wireless router and 2 range extenders?

Can I daisy chain the range extenders or do I need to run a cable from each back to the router?

What is the difference between a access point and a range extender?

What equipment do I need to pull this off? Best brand?

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