Trying to Upgrade My Case Fans

Hello, I did my first PC build ever a few days ago.

The case is Corsair Obsidian 650D (I know it's not the best case for air flow/cooling but I definitely went for the look that I wanted).

Right now, all my temperatures are ideal.
CPU (4.6 GHz @ ~60c under 100% load w/ Corsair H80 Liquid Cooler)
GPU @ ~75c under 100% load

Realistically I would never use my computer 100% load but even if I did, from what I researched those temps are safe.

But if I can manage it, I would like upgrade my case fans to get better temperatures.
I am using stock Corsair fans right now.
200mm front intake fan
200mm top exhaust fan
2x120mm push/pull exhaust fan out the back

First of all, I would like to know if this is an optimal air flow. I tried top intake but I think that's worse than exhaust.

NOTE: I wanted to note that noise level isn't a huge issue for me since I turn my pc off when I sleep. When it's on, I have headphones on anyway so it's not a problem. I would rather sacrifice noise over airflow.

I have been thinking about upgrading:

Front: COOLER MASTER Megaflow 200 (intake)

Top: 2 x SILVERSTONE FM121 120mm (exhaust)

(I have an option to put 2x140mm but 140's do not have high cfm's as 120mm)

Back (push/pull): 2 x SILVERSTONE FM121 120mm (exhaust)


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  1. Before you buy any 200mm fnas make sure that they are not too deep for the case. I tried the CM 200,, fan and had to RMA it because the depth of the fan is too deep @ 30mm (my Corsair 600T only takes 25mm fans). As far as 120mm fans I think that the best are Cougar fans, but they are expensive; but no more expensive than your Silverstone fans. And while Cougar delivers 70 cfm it is under 18dB:
  2. Generally, you want lower/front fans blowing into the case, and top/back blowing out of the case.

    So the front you have is good, top is good. the push-pull out the back i dont really get. any fans on the back of the case should be blowing out. but i assume you have the push-pull on the cpu cooler, not the back. probably just a typo. they should also be pulling from the front, and out the back... same as the others.

    Remember: The air flow will always be in the direction that the concave side faces.
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