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Hi guys
A friend of mine, who upgraded to the Nvidia 480GTX just sold me it`s Radeon 4770 for almost 85$. I already have a Radeon 4770 so I am planning to run them on crossfire mode. Unfortunatly my motherboard does not support Crossfire so I need to get a new one.
My processor is an AMD Athlon IIx3 435 (socket AM3)

I haven`t decided on any motherboard right now, but my requiments are quite simple:
1- 2 or more PCI-e slots running each at 8x or 16x (not 4x) - preferably at 16x
2- Support my CPU as above

And of course I do not mind the manifacturer of the board and if it does not have SATA3 or USB3 ports. The type of RAM it uses does not matter at all. Any suggestions would really be appreciated
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  1. thanks

    The motherboard you send me seemed to be a pretty good choise but that price issue does no longer apply to my current requiments. Now I`m considering the ASUS Crosshair III formula mobo which runs the two PCI-e slots at 16x
    But the Crosshair III is quite expensive I do not know if it`s really worth buying.
    Is it really much faster running the GPUs at 16x then running them at 8x?
  2. Hi.

    1- What is ur budget for the mobo? some mobos can run Crossfire at x16 but are really expensive (like the Crosshair III or Gigabyte 790FXTA-UD5)
    2- Here are two very solid mobos for ur requirements:

    a- ASUS M4A79XTD EVO
    b- Gigabyte MA790GPT
    c- The Maziar option looks good too, but I can't find if in Crossfire run at x16, x8 or x4.
  3. Well i did a search and found nothing about CF support lol,so i read the customers' review and it seems it supports it @ dual 8x mode.
    Since you said as cheap as possible i looked for under $100 motherboards but if you can pay more than that then both options SAINT recommended are solid
  4. yes, originally I was going for a cheap motherboard, because I wanted to save money for a new monitor, but now I don`t need a new monitor at all so my budget for this increased to over 250$ so "to be as cheap as possible" is no longer an actual requiment
    Of course, I don`t mind saving money, as long as that really does not affect performance.
  5. Those are both fine options
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    ^+1, u don't need spend $200 in a high-end mobo that support 3-Way or 4-Way Crossfire if u only want run a Crossfire with two GPUs.

    Even, u can resell that two 4770 get one of the mobos that I post and go with a 5850 that is a better GPU.
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