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My sister owns a PNY Micro Swivel Attaché 4 GB USB flash drive, and recently it's been acting up. When you try to copy a file onto it the transfer rate is about 120 KB/s , which is clearly way too low for a USB 2.0 device. From what she told me, it has been working fine until recently. But now a 300 MB file takes ~40 minutes to transfer! I tried different USB ports and it has the same problem in all ports. A different USB drive works just fine, so I know it's not the computer.

Here's what I tried:
1. Format the drive (quick with default settings) - the formatting finished in a few minutes, but the problem persists.
2. Use diskpart to format it (not sure if these is any different than #1... probably not)
3. Format, but uncheck the "quick" option - after 15 minutes not even a sliver of the progress bar appeared, so I cancelled the process.

Is the USB drive garbage, or is there a way to fix it? I never heard of a USB drive doing this sort of thing, so I'm really puzzled.

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  1. Any flash device can go bad, and when they do there is no way to fix them.
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