PC Restarts when under heavy HDD load.

Hey all,

Just got the Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 for my system… I go to test it out and see what kind of files and what not it actually copies. So, I currently have a 1tara WD HDD (bought 1 month ago) and have it split into 2 partitions.
I have 60gig worth of files on my 2nd partition… so I set it to copy a “backup” of that partition to the 1st partition (which holds my OS Windows 7 32bit).
It started to copy and got about 52% complete and boom, the PC restarts without warning.

I wait for it to boot back up and go into the folder to see what kind of files it created… and the backup file it created is corrupt.
It’s never restated like that before, was the power supply or CPU under too much stress that it decided to restart itself?

And how do I remedy this?

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  1. Acronis recommends saving backups to a partition other than the one on which the OS resides. So expand the new partition (make sure the new one is a primary partition and NOT A LOGICAL paritition) and try saving the backup of the OS partition to the new one you created. If you ever have to re-install the OS and re-partition your HDD, primary partitions will survive - logical partitions will be re-formatted to the original HDD capacity.
  2. I think we are backwards, I do not want to save the OS or anything on the OS Partition. I do want to save all of the files of the 2nd partition (which does not contain any OS files).
    I simply attempted to save the files from the 2nd partition to the OS partition (primary) to see how quickly and in what format the files were created. This is when the system rebooted.

    What my plan is, is to make a backup of the files (2nd partition, no OS files) on another HDD over the network. But for some reason when I tell it to save to a drive over the network, it asks "Specify credentials to access '\\NETWORKPC\'.

    NETWORKPC being the pc i'm trying to communicate with. But there is no password on the PC, i try entering nothing but it just says Username & paswsword is not correct. I tried finding info on this but i can't seem to find anything on it. Do I have to have Acronis installed on that perticular machine as well for this to work?

    On another note. For some reason I am now able to HEAR the CPU when it is processing information. It's not loud, but you can still hear it.

    Thanks again!
  3. ?
  4. "I am now able to HEAR the CPU" -it says "i cannot handle this hdd load...i'ma restart now"

    Lol jk.

    How about trying to make a third partition and see if you can back up the files on to that? Just for testing purposes, you can delete it when you're done. Also, the backup program i use is freeware called clonezilla, maybe you'd like to look into that.
  5. never heard of it, i'll take a look at it.
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