Not Sure if Water cooling is working

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz
Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
Liquid Cooling Asetek 510LC

I am having a current problem with my CPU overheating after playing newer games for 15-30 minutes. I am concerned that it may be a problem with my liquid cooling not working. Currently my CPU temp is at 48 degrees C when idle and when under a load it gets up to 60-68 degrees C and this is why my sound starts getting really crackly and then my computer just shuts off.

Is this a problem with my liquid cooling or is it something else?

FYI When I first bought my computer it would run around 30-40 degrees C at idle, not sure what it was at under load though.
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  1. How long have you had the cooler? It could be getting clogged up due to scaling or your pump might be on the fritz
  2. I have had the computer with the cooling for about a year and a half now.
  3. Is there a specific way I can tell what is wrong with my liquid cooling?

    I am running dual monitors, I don't know if that would add to the heating problem or not.
  4. 60-70C isn't that bad, but it isn't that good, either. I don't think your PC is shutting down from those temps. Is the radiator clogged with dust, etc? Are your video card coolers/fans clogged with dust/etc?
  5. I am not sure, I am going to clean my computer out fully this weekend, I do it about every 3-4 months. I'll respond back what my temperatures are like after cleaning it out.
  6. You'll want to remove the fan and radiator to ensure you get them both cleaned out. Those radiators are typically high FPI so they tend to collect a lot of dust and junk.
  7. I just finished cleaning out my computer, I took the fan off and cleaned out the filter like you said.

    I have just one problem. The temperatures stayed the same. But one thing surprised me. When I set my computer back up and turned it on I heard the occasional sound of water moving in the case but only for short 2 or 3 second periods of time. This went on for about 30 seconds then stopped. During this time my computer was down to around 35-40 degrees C. But now that it has stopped my computer is back to its old idle temp.

    Could this be because the pump is broken or something along those lines?

    Is there a way I can fix it? Or will I just have to buy a new water cooling system?
  8. Sounds like an airlock,
    Maybe you can refill them, maybe contact manufacturer for advice or return and they'll refill for you?
  9. How would I go about fixing this without having to return to product to the manufacturer?
    My liquid cooling system is a Asetek 510LC in case your wondering. I don't how hard it would be to fix this.
  10. Easiest fix would be to separate one of the tubes, and attach a bleedline, then you can fill the loop, bleed any air out and seal the line until you need it again,
    Generally these units are no-maintenance so its a mod project to sort the existing one
  11. There seems to be a lot of threads recently with people having issues with air-locked pumps in LCS coolers. I don't think folks understand that there is coolant inside and how that actually should be working. :/
  12. If I am unable to fix this and not get a new Liquid cooling system, would it be better off to just remove the whole system from my computer, or leave it in?
  13. If unable to repair by modding, or to have repaired by Asetek, then remove it and fit a heatsink, you cannot leave it as is without damaging your system
  14. So I think I got it working now. My idle temp is around 39 C. I'm about to do a stress test to see how high it goes.

    What would be a good range I should be aiming for idling and stress?

    The stress test using 100% cpu and 6 gigs of ram only took it to 65 C over a 10 minute period of time. Is this a safe temperature?
  15. Your cooling is defective, possibly more useless than usual and you're running stress tests?
    Intels can normally take about 70'c, some more, amd's are 62'c limit
    I really would not be stressing that pc until I knew the cooling was ok,
  16. Then I am confused to what the problem is because I have visited other forums and the liquid cooling system I have, Asetek 510LC, is a factory sealed and manufactured one-piece liquid cooling system. Air locks should not be the problem. But if they are the thing I am scared to do is take apart the factory sealed Asetek and try to fix it. Something factory sealed and made as one piece shouldn't be dismantled, should it?

    That and I do not have a lot of experience with Liquid cooling units so taking apart this Asetek would be a first for me.

    This is a picture of it:

    Did some more research and found this. The stress test temp is almost identical to mine, this just keeps confusing me more and more.

    Is there a way I can check if the LC fan is working with a program or something, Speedfan maybe?
  17. Even though its a sealed cooler, there typically is still some air inside as they are not 100% filled. Depending on how they are mounted, and coupled with the fact that the pumps are notoriously under-powered, they will airlock if air makes it into the inlet tubes and/or the pump itself. The easiest way to fix this is to unmount the radiator, start the pump and lift the radiator above the pump (in height) and rotate it back and forth. This should dislodge air and allow any air to collect in the radiator. While this normally wouldn't be ideal in normal watercooling (you'd want air to collect in the reservoir) you'd rather have the air stay in the radiator than make it to the pump where it would cause the cooler not to perform. Depending on how you have it mounted, you might consider mounting it so the tubes on the radiator are down vs. on top to keep air from entering the return tubing to the pump.
  18. Ok, sounds like a plan. The tubes for the LC are "below" the radiator and reservoir. If you would like I can take a picture of the inside of my case for reference. I will try what you said tomorrow and reply with my findings.
    How would you suggest I turn the pump on, just turn the PC on?
    If I find out that an Air lock is not my problem, is there any way to test if the pump/fan in the reservoir is working?
    There is a picture of my computer insides.
    Thanks for the help and hope this helps.
  19. hey there kirby ... moto said i might be interested in this thread topic - so i've popped my nose in :)

    um -
    1| might wanna think a lol harder about modding the LCS cos it'll void warranty.
    2| contact asetek about it and see if they can do anything about it...assuming you've run out of warranty period, they'll charge you. Which in the latter case, the price of the exchange could equate to a new custom/kit loop
    3| that occasional swishing sound is heard on both of the H50's my bro and i own and yeah thas cos of the air. To follow up on rubix, yeah the pump is really underpowered as i ran into an issue during maintenace on my H50 mod, where the pump was running on air :p and turned really hot. my snoopy eyes and asus ProbeIt notified me via an alarm of the temps - then voila bled the system and got it running again
    4| incase your wondering what i mean by the H50 mod?

    5| might wanna google paper clip test for jump starting your psu for running the pump/cooler unit without powering up the entire system. might also need a molex to 3 pin adapter for the pump.
    6| after reading up all of the info above - i think you might wanna go with a kit now and those LCS' are really horrid - even with a mod :/ no offence
    7| could give you some pointers on modding the unit ...
  20. So should I even bother trying to fix this unit? Or should I replace it?
    Do you have any tips on how to bleed it, because I have never done that before so I don't really know what I'm doing. The only thing I understand about bleeding is what Rubix posted before.

    If I can't fix it or it isn't worth it I'm going to get a Heatsink fan instead of getting a Liquid cooling system, just seems like to much of a hassel that I don't have a lot of time for.

    Do you have any recommendations for good heatsink fans?
  21. Hyper 212+/ 212 evo can't go wrong with it! - if you're choosing the no liquid route...

    fix it - i'd say no , right now - sounds to me you're running from the law with that rig or you have some urgent render/deadline work to attend to :)

    any humor pertaining to the law is purely fictional - any resemblance may be just coincidence or ... your having one of those bad days :P
  22. when was the last time you drained your system and cleaned out your blocks and Rad? What kind of fluid are you using? Do you have an Anti Algea/bactreia agent inside?
  23. Like I said previously this is a factory sealed 1 piece unit, therefor I really haven't done anything to it since I got the computer.
  24. so mod or hyper 212 route? :)
  25. Well I tried bleeding it out about half an hour ago. No success. So I'm going to go with the Hyper 212. Thank you for the suggestion the fan looks amazing and it's huge size will fit fine in my case.

    Thank you for the help guys, all of you.
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