Nvidia GT 240m vs ATI 4650 (mobile) whats your opinion?

GT240m is one of the new generation of nvidia's graphic card and built up from 40 nm.and ati 4650 55 nm.Besides gt240m have big overclock capacity but 4650 performance is a little bit better than gt240.What do you prefer 4650 or gt 240.less heat gt 240m or a little more performance ati 4650.Thanks for your comments.
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  1. What are you doing with it?

    BTW, 40nm doesn't guarantee lower temps or lower power consumption if it has to be clocked much higher, and if it's a noisey chip.

    If you need to overclock it to equal an HD4650, then it's not a good choice, since the surrounding laptop is built to the TDP of the stock clocks.

    Both will OC, but it's not good to rely on an OC to achieve parity.
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