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I just built a computer with windows 7 and have my old hard drive with windows xp. i bought a ez connect and the computer wont recognize the hdd with xp on it. i have a vista internal hdd and i was able to connect and open it. i read the general discussions by mrface but...

my question is it possible to read the xp hdd on my win 7? i am after simple programs, pictures anything. the ez connect works and the hdd has power and is spinning. any help is appreciated. thanks, matt
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  1. Hey, to answer the question in plain. Win XP should read off Win 7 with no problem because they have the same file systen, NTFS, I personally never used an EZ connect. I jujst hooked up other hard drive as a slave.

    If you built a computer then why can't you put the other XP Internal Drive as a secondary drive, then u can boot into windows 7 and recover anything you need.

    BUT you cannot take programs off, those you need to re-install in Win 7 because they have to make their registry entries and all.

    I hope that helps.

    if not then tell me what your options are.
  2. as jackson said just plug it in inside the pc--if its sata you dont even need to worry about master and slave settings just make sure your windows 7 drive is set to boot before the xp one

    you will have to re-install programs but you can save photos,videos,music,documents and sometimes games you have been playing you can save the save game so you dont have to start from the beginning--though in windows 7 they will go in a different place than you saved them from in xp
  3. thanks for responding guys.

    the hdd is 3.5 ide. not sata.

    the reason i didnt install the xp hdd in the case is because i didnt have the connections for it. i went to frys electronics without it and this is the option the computer "expert" gave me. so i went with it.

    under control panel, devices and printers; i get an icon for mass storage device and under properties i get a "device is running properly". then when i go to my computer i have only my new hdd listed.

    i will have to wait till i get back over and get the cables from fys. will update when i can. thanks, matt
  4. Ah yea IDE, I see, wish I could lend you a cable, but yea, just get a cable then copy and it will be the end of that for you. SATA is much smarter and faster. well if something pops up i will try to watch this pot err I mean post.
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