Upgrading to an HAF 922

So I have a Pavilion h8-1214 and I want to upgrade the case to a HAF 922, but I'm not sure if all the fans can be plugged into the motherboard :/ I'm new to computer fans so if I could get some advice I would appreciate it. thanks
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    The easiest way to check is by counting the number of fan headers on your motherboard.
    They look something like this:

    If there are 4 of these on your motherboard, you should be good.
    If less, buy a cheep fan controller and you should be good.
  2. oh ok, yea the motherboard has one so Id have to get one of those, it will work with LED fans right, just making sure.
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  4. I'm not fully sure if the LEDs will work through the fan controller.

    The way the fan controllers work is reducing the voltage to the fans, decreasing their speed. I don't know if the leds in the fans can handle different voltages, but I'm pretty sure they can. If possible, plug the front led fan into the one available header (unless you need it for the cpu fan), just to be sure.
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