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this is my baby! he already grow up just like me....i had my computer on 2009 with sized as veryyyyyyyy small cpu powered by athlon x2 ddr2 already OC'id into 3,5 i can manage to deal up until 1,5 years and i'm thinking to upgrade few items include changing processor into phenom 2 x4 955BE OC into 3,6, 740gm-p25. after about 1,5years again.....i'm thinking to rejuvenate my cpu with newest mobo 870-g45, 8gb Ram, windows 7 64b, gt430 pixelview OC, newest and bigger cooler processor also buy gigantic (maybe not for you all but as for me..... :o ) infinity w25 gaming case with better cable management also 7 fans to provide good airflow....and with all of that!! my processor temps give better cool and also non worry about overheat....my overclock gt430 temps also been helped by this airflow.........this cpu maybe not the expensive but as for me this is already invest both on work and game for me! with this three upgrades on 4 years almost took my budget as like i buy cpu worth about Rp 10.000.000 as on Rp 9.700 per $ 1 (i dunno much about currency but i almost wasted my money like this!! with 4 years upgrades) this is my last attemps.....i wanna focusing on my work and my live!! this is my first baby from scratch until grown up like me AND the case i buy the size almost scared me as i was intimidated....really!!! this case was damm big (though i'm not extreme OC but as for me i can sleep enough right now because i can leashed beast inside my cpu without thinking about overheat) heheeh
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  1. i seek some answer you know in here! can i tuned it more better than right now? the way i see it my upgrade right now has already success to down or reduced heat from my OC as previous average is 43 until 52++ and God knows how much heat can generate if i wanna pushed little bit....but what about now? with newer cooler processor and good airflow casing?? can i tuned it more better my OC for long term use on regular gaming, working and internet also
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