Any Maya 2009/10 users with Radeons?

Hi everyone, I know this might be a longshot, as this is mostly a gaming forum, but I'm looking for 3D artists who use Maya (preferably 2009 with windows 7 x64) with Radeon cards, 4xxx or 5xxx series.

I recently built a new workstation (this weekend) with the following:

i7 860
Asus P7P55D
Sapphire Radeon HD 5770
Windows 7 Professional x64
Maya 2009

Anyway, I installed Maya and lo and behold, i'm unable to select ANY geometry by clicking on it. Both in object and component mode. Strangely, I can click on lights, but not geo. I've tried every different Driver for the 5770, and updated Maya 2009 to service pack 1, but I get the same results.

It's unfortunate because I loved the power consumption of the new 5770 card, and it seems to work great in mudbox (I can finally get down to sub-d levels of 10+ million polys, which is awesome).

Hope to hear from you, and thank you.
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  1. Giving this another try;

    Just looking to get some information about which combinations of Radeon, OS, and Maya version work or don't work, and which drivers.

    Anyone with 4xxx series have Maya 2009? I've heard of one person getting a 5850 to work with Maya 2010.
  2. Just stumbled across this post on a Yahoo search when I started having the same problem after installing a 5858. I know it's been a few months, but since I've found NO information on it on the net anywhere and found a solution myself, I figured I'd reply in case you're still looking for a solution. And in case anyone else has the same problem, also.

    I solved the problem by installing the latest Catalyst drivers and, since I had switched it to edge-detect previously to force anti-aliasing in Mass Effect, switched anti-aliasing back to "Application-controlled" in the Catalyst Control 3D menu. After that, selecting geometry/verticies/faces/etc. in perspective view worked consistently. I could even drag-select consistently, which used to only work one out of every 10-15 times I attempted to before the fix.

    Hope this works for you if you still need a solution.
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