All files keeps being save in ssd but i want some on hdd

Hi i just built my first new rig and i'm trying to set it's ssd for boot drive and hdd for storage. i searched a lot but i cant seems to find a definite answer. If there is it would be great if you could link it for me. Anyway i started downloading normal stuff such as adobe readers, firefox my pheriperals drivers etc. and it keeps saving on my ssd taking up space even though i try to direct it using hdd. Is this normal if not could you guys teach me how to properly install both drives for the purpose i want. btw my specs are

ssd: crucial m4 128gb.
mobo: asrock p67 extreme4 gen3
hdd: samsung spinpoint f3 1tb
windows 7 64

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  1. you can change the downloading file in your browser to be your storage but most programs you install will use the c drive as default so you should change in manually. I use the SSD for OS and the my hardrives for everything else like Steam ect.

    Hope that helps
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