I7-930, UD3R or P6T?

I've used both Asus and Gigabyte in the past, and narrowed it down to these boards for this gen.

Looking for advice on which to choose.

Gigabyte UD3R:

Asus P6T

Both pretty much the same price. Or if anyone thinks a board around that price is better feel free to let me know?

Also on other question, the P6T deluxe shows it supports DDR3-1600(OC'd) but the P6T doesn't show 1600 as supported in the description.. neither does the UD3R.

The ram I was planning on getting was the Corsair 6GB triple channel 1600 ram. Will both of these boards still support this ram or do I need to drop the ram or get the more expensive mobo?
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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum

    If u don't want use Crossfire, go with the UD3R is a better mobo.
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