What do I need?

I have only basic computer knowledge, so be gentle! :(

I want to fit a new hard drive to my system, but don't know what I need to do that.

My computer Specs are -

Intel Core i5-2500 CPU @ 3.3Ghz
4 Gb RAM
64 bit Windows 7

I already have the following -

2 x 2Tb Seagate Ultra speed.
1 x 750Gb Western Digital 7200rpm
2 x DVD-RW drives

I am trying to fit another 1Tb Hitachi disk.

There are no more connections for it on the motherboard. Is there an add-in card I can buy to accommodate the new drive?

Any suggestions?

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  1. yes you can buy an add in card--either pci or more likely pci-e given you have a newer motherboard--these can give usually 2 or 4 sata ports and come in 3gbs or 6gbs speeds--most can do raid as well

    you could also use an external hard drive case though unless its esata or usb3 it would be slower

    example pci-e sata card
  2. Thanks,
    But I'm beginning to suspect the new hard drive is faulty (even though its brand new!)

    Whenever power is connected to it, it clicks (internally) and beeps every 2 seconds.

    I have done the following.

    Connected the power cable only, no data cable. (It clicks and beeps)

    Use the same power cable on another hard drive, it works perfectly.

    I have 3 other hard drives (2 underneath, 1 on top of the new one)

    Each of these drives operates fine with the cables in the computer.

    As soon as I connect power to the Hitachi drive it clicks and beeps.

    If I connect a data cable as well, the system will not boot.

    What do you think?
  3. if its making the so called click of death then replace it

    even brand new stuff can occassionally be faulty--take it back to the shop if you got it locally or ask for an rma if you got it off the net
  4. what is an rma? I bought it off Ebay.
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    an rma would be if you bought it from somewhere like ebuyer or dabs or aria etc--if its off ebay then its a bit different and depends how helpfull or awkward the seller is--they might replace it with no fuss or might try to say you damaged it--they might have put no returns on the listing etc

    if they get awkward it can take weeks to sort it out through paypal and ebay though you will likely win anyway by saying its not as described as it was sold as new and therefore fully working--though you will get hit for the return postage make sure to send it back recorded delivery

    use ebay contact the seller to see how they respond and if necessary then you can open a dispute
  6. Thanks for your help.
    I'll do that.

    He has replied to an email saying "It should be fine have u made sure u formatted it to a spare data drive not a system drive? With the click sounds on drive, it didn't do that at all here before postage. hope the post didn't loosen something"
  7. well you cant format it at all if connecting it makes your pc unbootable and the steps you tried with the cables and stuff were totally sensible ways to double check if the drive was faulty--as well as the clicking and beeping i would say its faulty

    how well was it packed? and whats his feedback like?

    i would insist on a refund or replacement quoting to him the steps you tried and take it from there if you have to open a dispute if you get no satisfaction then do it--ebay usually will side with the buyer in these cases as he cant prove it was fully working when he posted it--he can claim up to about £32 even if it was not sent recorded for postal damage and about £40 if it was recorded without any extra insurance
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