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Using XP Home with a Media Center COA

Long story short, I have a dell xps m1710 with a lot of problems with is another story but im looking to reinstall the O.S. it is windows xp media center edition but I only have the cds for xp home, pro and corporate. Is it possible to install one of those with instead of media center which is on the coa? Thanks for the help.
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    No, it's not possible. It would be a violation of the license, if it even worked. You have a CoA for XP Media Center Edition.

    There is no such thing as a "corporate" version of any Windows Operating System, that is a term hackers and pirates came up with for site licenses, purchased by corporations, schools and government bodies etc.

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  4. Any form of XP will probably install and activate,but like Tigsounds stated it is illegal to do so.
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