Problem with nero burning rom..

I have dual booted my system with xp (other is ME) and everything has worked very well. However, i tried installing nero on the xp partition, and it said i had an older version on my computer. So, i uninstalled nero from my ME side of things. However, even though its now gone from my computer, it still won't install because it thinks i have an older version still on meh comp. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Personally, i don't think it's XP, but you boys might know a fix for nero. Thanks.
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  1. A couple of thoughts on the subject:

    What version of Nero did you try to install? It must be at least to function in WinXP.

    There's no way that the XP operating system could "see" the other version of Nero on the ME partition.


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  2. thanks for your post, it says it's 5.5, but it mustn't be the one i need. Cheers again.
  3. if you uninstalled it from your me boot, and it also went from xp, it sounds like you installed it in the same place on both os's. I use 5.5 on xp and have had no probs- except when doing multiple copies and I insert the next blank, stooopid xp gives me a dum window asking what program I would like to use to open the files on the blank cd- which then causes nero to abort- easily solved by turning off autoinsert I suppose but I never got round to it.

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