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I currently have a D-link DIR-635 wireless router and 50 Mbit/s cable modem. I have the 4 wire ports connected to 3 computers and a NAS. The NAS has a bit torrent client which I use frequently. I wireless stream videos and music from the NAS to my TV via a PS3.

The problems I am facing are:
1. I frequently get a DNLC error with the playstation when streaming videos
2. I frequently get disconnected from the media Server (NAS) when watching videos
3. With my laptop, I get errors that page cannot be loaded - even though the wireless signal is strong and I am connected to the router
4. If I have torrents running on the NAS, I have super slow speeds when connecting to work via VPN

So this makes me think the router is not strong enough to serve 2+ wireless clients (PS3, Laptop and Phone) as well as to manage the bit torrent downloads.

Can you tell me if the D-link DIR-635 is the problem and if so, what is a better router?

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  1. Bump for an answer. I still need a great wireless router
  2. Hi, I'm in the same boat. I'm looking for a high quality wireless N router with some solid QOS. Currently, I have WRT150N and WRT300N Linksys routers both running DD-WRT. But the QOS on DD-WRT doesn't seem to work very well. My xbox ends up with a terrible latency even though I try to curb the other devices on my network that are sucking down bandwidth.
  3. dlink dir825 or dir 655
  4. I'd recommend going wired gigabit ethernet for the PS3 which should free up the wireless side a lot. I experienced similar issues between my Windows box and my PS3 when trying to stream over wireless even with N routers. The problem is that the PS3 (at least mine) doesn't support N so getting a faster router doesn't really help all that much.
  5. the dir825 is active dual band 2 wireless networks running at the same time!
  6. I just bought a netgear wndr3700. It works great for me, but not many devices and small apartment.

    This is also a dual band that has A LOT of options. It also has ALL gig ports, even the WAN is gig. It claims 500mbit+ WAN<->LAN(with firewall/SPI), but the only site I saw that tested this said they only got in the upper 400mbits.

    Dual band 2.4/5ghz at the same time, multiple SSID support via Guest network, Broadband Usage Meter which can be set to log/warn/cut-off based on time of day.

    Every review site this router has one of *the* best wireless ranges and stability they've ever tested.

    It has gotten great to excellent reviews on all parts except 2. It has basic NAS support via a usb2.0 port that you can plug in to a USB-Stick or Disk-drive. The NAS is a bit underwhelming, but that's not what I bought it for. And it lacks print server support.

    One review site claimed to have tested it at their apartment where they were about 200' from the device and had 5 internal and 1 external wall and they still managed 30mbits.

    Another review wanted to test the wireless network under load. They had multiple video stream running at once, a few 720s and a 1080 and doing file transfers. They said the video streams were perfect while many other routers failed miserably with hick-ups in the video streams and overall bad network performance.

    My last wireless router had 2 external antenna and my Wii got 2-3 bars. This one has no external antenna and it now gets 5.

    DLink also has a good competitor model that does support print server. It's like the 855 or something.. some sort of 8xx.
  7. Cool, congrats, that sounds like a nice one.
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