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I recently bought a GIGABYTE GA-D510UD for use as my Windows Home Server Box, I set everything up, and it runs well. However, I checked speedfan and it says that Temp2, and Temp3, were both in the 60s. Are the temperatures fine, or should I be concerned?
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  1. Whoa! I'm awed!! I'm breaking my usual rule about 'calling it a night' at my pre-determined time ('cause I'm nuts!) and taking a handfull of knockout pills - because I'm damned fascinated! D/L'd the manual, and a representative set of Intel Atom docs - D500, looked most interesting - and will know something comprehensive by tomorrow - docs are small (230 pp for specs 1 & 2, and 55 pp for thermal/mech [vs 394/112 for i7-800...]). Didn't even know that you could get an Atom - just assumed they were an OEM-only product, much less noticed the new socket 559 thingie on the GB 'selector' site! Seems like a damned fine idea, too - for a box that wants to 'live in the closet'! Gotta keep me updated on how this works out - need a WHS here, and was waiting for Vail to pop up on TechNet 'till I planned anything - BUT - low power, didn't know there were dual cores, never suspected the duals would hyperthread, and RAID to boot!! I'm in luv :love:

    Re the problem - my first guess, sans research, is that SpeedFan is just 'ditzed up' for the new tech - probably mis-reading the LPCIO - SpeedFan is a hard product to 'keep up' with; Comparetti is 'pedaling as fast as he can'! I'd just go by what the "PC Health Status" page of the BIOS tells you - and I notice there, that it doesn't even give you Gb's standard 'system temp' reading - maybe the LPCIO just 'don't do dat'! Also, wouldn't worry too much, anyhow - temp specs for the Atom are 'worked' a bit differently that the regular Tcasemax setup, but looks, at a glance, like those little puppies are rated for a hundred C!! So long as you have reasonable case air flow, I would not lose any sleep over it (I'll take care of losing the sleep, while I 'digest' the doc files [:isamuelson:6] [:bilbat:9])
  2. Little more info - it's GB's 'pretty much standard' LPCIO: the iTE IT8720, which is already used on scads of GB boards, but, the sad fact is (and I'm generally a GB fan, so I hate admitting this) I've seen the LPCIO's 'handling' by the BIOS semi-broken before on new board releases; seems like it sometimes takes a rev or two for 'em to get it together... I don't know why this should be - but, then again, I don't have to write the BIOS (just 'hack' an occasional one, here and there [:bilbat:8]) - I just complain about 'em [:isamuelson:8])!! I'd be pretty confident that, once a rev or two goes by, of both the BIOS and SpeedFan, things'll be up to snuff! I'll check tomorrow - I think there's a 'dump' procedure to help with SpeedFan diagnosis/development; you send him a file, he fixes it quick like a bunny [:bilbat:5]
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