Computer Will Not Power On (sometimes)

I have a fairly new system, spec's below

2.66 Quad Core
MSI P6N SLI (latest bios)
8 GB Ram
PNY 270 GTX Video
650w corsair power supply

The problem I have is sometimes when the computer starts it wont boot unless while it's on I unplug the pci-e lead from the power supply and plug it back in. This lead has the 2 6 pin connectors to the video card. My question is would this be a problem with the power supply or possibly the mobo. I have tried different video cards and get the same result.
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  1. Check power supply and mobo. Also, try resetting mobo.
  2. What happens, if before you boot, you momentarily turn off the switch on the back of the PSU?
  3. No difference. I'll just live with the side panel off until I get a new PS.
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