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Whats THE BEST asus motherbord that support the i5 processor and i dont care for the price couse i have a really really good budget
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    This Maximus III Extreame is the best that u can get with ASUS.

    Now, another option is this Gigabyte P55A-UD7 that have a very similar performance that the ASUS but with a less price.
  2. ok Whats THE BEST motherbord that support i5 processor except from asus and even if its exepensive
  3. You haven't even told us what features you need, what you are going to do with your new build, but you want us to pick out the best board board for you. And you seem to think that if it is more expensive, it is better whether you need it or not.
    Gigabyte and ASUS make excellent boards, now what is it you are looking for in a motherboard?
  4. Those are the best two mobos that u can get. The price doesn't mean that the mobo is the best.

    If u see, the Gigabyte is around $280 and have a very similar performance that the ASUS, in that point u don't look for the high price, u go with the best price/performance.
  5. And the features that you want.
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