Trouble with laptop's keyboard and mouse not working

Hi everybody,

I need advice on this issue.

My coworker has an old laptop that now loses keyboard and mouse functionality, but only when you go to enter the password on account login. Before that at least the mouse works (not sure about the keyboard), but both devices work when I was running an Avira Rescue Disc which boots its own OS off of a CD. I’ve connected an external USB mouse and keyboard. The mouse works, but the keyboard doesn’t. Both external devices do work with other computers.

My coworker said she had some kind of virus problem, but I’m not sure what it is since I can't get into the OS. I’m thinking there may have been malware that corrupted some drivers. The Avira disc found 1 virus which it should have taken care of.

I’ve tried to access the repair console from an XP disc to see if repairing the drivers would help, but we don't know the administrator password, so I can’t proceed with the repair.

At this point would you suggest that I remove the drive, pull the needed files off and reinstall the OS, or is there something else I could try?

Let me know what you think, thanks!
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  1. I fixed a laptop that had the same problem, it was a virus had infected the i8042prt.sys keyboard & mouse driver. The infected i8042prt driver is for PS2 keyboard and mouse, and USB mouse and keyboards don't use that driver so a USB keyboard should also work.. if the external keyboard you tried didn't work, you may have to configure the BIOS to make it work. If you can manage to make a USB keyboard work, try to access the system in Safe Mode and see if a System Restore helps solve the problem or at least helps going online in Safe Mode with Networking to do an online virus/malware scan.

    If the previous suggestions don't work; Try another Antivirus Live CD or if you can go online with the Avira Live CD, do an online virus scan.

    Windows Operative Systems are usually installed leaving the Administrator account without a password so you can try the CD Recovery Console leaving the Administrator password blank.

    If you can remove the hard drive and backup personal files, you can instead scan the drive for virus and malware from the host computer.... so scan it but previously add the Administrators group in the System Volume Information hidden folder's Security. The System Restore points are saved in the System Volume Information folder and this folder is the ideal hideout for many viruses... so the Avira antivirus may have removed the right virus, but a copy of it could have restored itself during the restart.

    If the host computer has Windows XP Home Edition, configure security pernissions in Safe Mode and if Professional Edition, go to Explorer Tools menu\Folder Options\View tab\uncheck "Use simple file sharing (recommended)"... next go to X:\System Volume Information\right click>Properties\Security\Add\Advanced\Find now\select Administrators\click OK\OK\OK). Or you could alternately delete the System Volume Information folder and follow with a virus scan of the hard drive.

    Online virus scanners
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. I was able to get everything working finally and fixed the problem!
  3. OpenGateSangha said:

    Thanks for the reply. I was able to get everything working finally and fixed the problem!

    Congrats... but please give us some feedback on what specific fix actually helped you solve the problem, so that other users having it can implement your solution.
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