Is 80c a normal temp for xfx6950 in crossfire and do i need one bridge or 2?

im running 2 xfx6950s ,and my temps go up to 80c on top card and 60c on 2nd card. Is this normal or do i have a problem with one of the cards? also do i need 1 bridge or two?
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    Yea I tyhink thats about right as the bottom card will be pushing air up onto the top card,80c is ok,One bridge is ok you only need 2 if tri-fire,quad-fire
  2. Totally Normal , since ur top card has less room for ventilation , it will be hotter than the one in bottom & 2 Bridges are needed .
  3. Is there a place i can go and see the info were it says that i need two bridges when crossfiring two cards. some people say one and others say two.
  4. Two bridges vs. one is in line with 16x PCIe lanes and 8x lanes when crossfiring. Fairly insignificant loss of data throughput.
  5. I personally use one bridge, so 'need' is one 'want' would be two in my book (or to squeeze a frame or two for E-peen)
    **temps fine as mentioned, top card usually see's penalties heatwise, options for controlling that are Watercool them, aftermarket coolers, or modding some additional fans to give the top card sufficient cooler air (Something one member has done in the gallery)

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  7. As you can tell there are still people saying two bridges for xfire ,So to clear this up i talked to the techs @ XFX and there answer was one for xfire and two for trifire.thanku for all your replies,but the answer is 1......
  8. You only need one to use Crossfire. With my two 6870's I used one bridge. My buddy loaned me his bridge because he wasn't using it and I got an extra 3-5 frames. I remove the bridge I loose the frames.

    So yea you don't need it but it does help!
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