Windows 7 does not support 2 cards fully

I have tried every configuration and Vista SP3 and Windows 7 currently does not support two video cards. I have tried every trick and it is a no go.
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  1. I believe Vista is only up to SP2. XP is on SP3. Could you give more info on the 2 cards? Did this work previously?
  2. Please info on the cards :)
  3. Vista does support two cards. I had two 9800GTXs running fine.

    Do you have the latest drivers? What are your card model?

    Are you trying to run SLi/Xfire?
  4. im going to join in with this if thats ok,

    i have 2 radion x1950 crossfires and windows seven but i cannot see the second card.

    genuine windows 7 ultimate o/s

    both cards work on their own in the orange slot at the top

    when i put the 2 cards in only one is seen.

    i cannot see any options in the bios to enable the slot (asus p5w)

    i have installed both cards separately and placed both back in the box and rebooted.

    i have a 750 watt ocz supply that should be man enough to do the job

    the second card is powered as the fan is spinning

    i have also uninstalled all the drivers and tried reinstalling with both cards in the machine but still no joy.

    In places im reading it cant be done on win7 as the cards allthough bloody excellent cards are now legacy cards sigh,

    so if anyone has any pointers or another train of thought please let me know is im goin in circles now

    thanks all :)
  5. also we have 4 gb of ram and 32 bit o/s
  6. jaydam, when you have the two cards hooked up can you get output from the second card?
  7. Also just hooking up 2 cards doesn't make them work together do you have the SLI/Xfire Bridge hooked up to LINK the cards???
  8. thanks for the answers,

    when the cards are hooked up which is done via the cable bridge from dvi on card one to dvi on card 2

    what i am trying to achieve ultimately is three monitors

    when booted normally i have monitors one and two on my desk both working and cannot see monitor three as the card isnt seen in the device manager.

    keep the questions c oming as im happy to answer anything / suggestions anyones got however i think im barking up the wrong tree and ati are telling me the cards arnt going to work due to them being too old?

    i think not but again i think money making *******s!
  9. Depending on your motherboard, there may be a 'card' (For lack of a better word) on teh motherboard that switches the PCI-E configuration from a single x16 slot to 2 x8 slots.
  10. According to the manual its automatic,

    as soon as you put something in the 8x slot then the 16x automatically drops to 8x

    ive also checked the manual for jumpers to enable duel gfx but nothing more than the norm shows up.

    Bios reset / raid / etc

    Thanks for the answer. though
  11. have you tried switching the cards around? if the problem is still there on the second card then its the motherboard if not then its the card.

    B-Unit makes a good point try finding a option in the BIOS that enables x8 x8 configuration for your PCIE slots, although i would have thought that this would be automatic if the mobo detects something in the second slot.

    If that dose not fix the problem then Id probly get another motherboard... dono what else it could be.
  12. Yea, im with paperfox here, if its an auto-switching board, then the second PCI-E slot must be bad. If each card works fine in the first one, then it about HAS to be the mobo.
  13. hmm never had any issues with the mobo before :(

    but it does say that something needs to be in the primary slot before it will detect something in the second slot..

    i think i will test this on xp to check out the theory though as its an expensive ask just to go for a new mobo on a whim.

    thanks all if anyone has other angles then keep em coming..
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