Review of the 890fx motherboards

this is the review of the 890fx motherboards.i put these question in the any thread that help to choose between this motherboards!!
so i want to choose between asus crosshair and giga-ud7 so what is your suggestion?i don't need 6 pci port.(overclocking is important)
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  1. Thanks for the link.

    I would go for the Crosshair. It's an amazing mobo, with lots of features, extraordinary overclocking,... and it has been made by ASUS which is the best mobo manufacturer around the world.
    Therefore, if the overclocking is important for you, the ASUS Crosshair is your mobo. It reaches a perfectly stable 360MHz base clock speed (impressive!!!). Gigabyte reaches 310Mhz and Msi 290Mhz.
  2. yes 890GX is same as the 890 fx in crossfire but when you overclock your graphic card everything will be this put ddr2 in mainboard wich support ddr3 don't change anything.but if put ddr3 ram in that everything will be changed
  3. Nice, but the UD5 doesn't listed in the chart. I think that the UD5 is a very good options since is more cheap that the MSI and Crosshair IV.

    Personally, I still preferring Gigabyte for price/performance/OC and reliability, in fact I'm waiting that my new UD5 and 4GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer arrives to my hands.
  4. ud 5 and ud is the same.but ud5 has 3port for pci!gigabyte is good but asus crosshair is better choice.ud-5 has 190-210$ like asus m4a with 890fx is 179$.but main question is overclocking.asus is better in this field.and 50$ cost more.but 50$is not much money
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    Both are good boards,i would go for CrossHair too,you get a great sound card and also its a great OC'er as well
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