I need Help!!!!! 3 Minutes to post during boot 5870

MY Specs
Striker Extreme 680i
E6600 Duo Core
4Gb DDR2 800
ati 5870 this also happened on 8800gtx
Vista 64 bit
700 Watt Powersupply

Okay I just installed the new 5870 card into my machine and now it takes 3-5 minutes to even post my first screen. I have checked my bios and made sure no nvidia enhancements where enabled. I installed the latest drivers but that shouldnt have anything to do with posting. I made sure it was securely fastened into my board. After it boots it runs just fine. I have no idea why this is the case. I considered using a different pci-e slot on the board to see if is the slot. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I was really looking foward to playing with this card but now I have experienced issues.
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  1. Do you have it in the top most PCI-E slot?

    I wonder if this is related to your DX10 issue in another thread.
  2. Maybe... Yes it is in the top slot
  3. did you try that BIOS update? even if nothing is specifically stated in the update. There are always enhancements.
  4. I will when I get home from work today. I was just hoping to have alot of ammo to take with me.
  5. Two things. First, is the lag during windows startup or in the bios startup? is the windows logo just sitting there for minutes?

    Second, you had an nvidia card before, did you remove the old nvidia drivers before installing the ATi card and ATi drivers? There have always been issues when both sets are installed, this doesn't seem too far out of that realm. Best practice is to clean out all video drivers completely, then install the new ATi driver.
  6. Where in the POST does it hang?
  7. Will not display until I get the first beep(the time to get the first beep is where the 3 minutes fall). Before then I see the cd-rom constantly blinking, The fans are going the videocard is responding. I have tried pulling the cd-rom but nothing. I did remove all the nvidia display drivers but it didnt help. I will completely wipe all the drivers before I updating the bios and we will see what happens. It seems kind of wierd.
  8. Okay people I flashed the bios and I am getting the same problem with the postings. I fear I may have to purchase a new motherboard early. I was hoping to wait. If anyone else can come up with ideas let me know.
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