New ATI agp card, help with drivers!

I just received my Radeon HD 4670 AGP card for my old system, but can't seem to get any drivers to work for it.

I originally had a nvidia 6800 GT card. I went through the normal process I go though when changing drivers. I used the nvidia removal tool in add / remove programs. Rebooted into Safe Mode, used Driver Cleaner and cleaned out anything related to nvidia.

Rebooted and installed the drivers from the disc that came with the product from HIS. Rebooted, and got an ATI error pop up that said no ATI graphics driver is installed or the ATI driver is not functioning properly. And something to the effect of please install the proper drivers for the device.

So I went through the removal steps except this time removed anything related to ATI. But the card kept showing up in my hardware so I now had to tell windows to uninstall the device so I could start from scratch.

I downloaded the ATI hotfix for agp cards. Same problem.
I removed everything again. Downloaded the omega drivers. Nothing happened at all this time.
I removed everything again. Downloaded the newest drivers from the manufacturer. Same error popped up.

I've contacted the manufacturer but they haven't responded and I can't seem to figure out what is going wrong here.

These are my system specs:
OS: Win XP home sp3
CPU: P4 2.8 gig
MOBO: Intel model# D875PBZ
RAM: 2 gigs
PSU: 550 watts

I've read that windows netframework 1.1 is required, which I already have as well as the updates for it. Any help is greatly appreciated. If I can't get this thing to work, back it goes and back I go to my old card. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well, I think I've hit the proverbial brick wall. I've made sure to uninstall my previous card's nvidia drivers via the add / remove programs in windows. Rebooted into safe mode, used both driver cleaner and driver sweeper to remove nvidia. I've manually gone into program folders and deleted every single nvidia folder and file, and manually edited the registry.

    The manufacturer got back to me and said that my old drivers must be causing a conflict and recommended that I reformat and install everything from scratch. Something I find an utterly ridiculous requirement for installing a new piece of hardware.

    Especially since I simply removed the ATI drivers via windows add / remove programs, rebooted into safe mode, used the driver cleaners, rebooted and installed my old nvidia card without a hitch.

    Back the new card goes.
  2. can you change it ? the sapphire 4650 1gb is also nice and i am using it on my agp 4x 845 momo with p4 2.4b northwood . also , due to the cpu bottlenecks you wont notice a difference with 4650 vs 4670 . my card has dvi to hdmi , dvi to vga and svideo to hdtv adapters . i am using it for light gaming and htpc . it is also chaper than the 4670 by quite a bit .
  3. when this card came i was using nvidia 6600 , uninstalled the drivers from add/remove , replaced it with sapphire 4650 , and installed new drivers , rebooted and everything was fine , ran 3dmark etc .
  4. Windows Update ?
  5. From what you describe it sounds to me like the 4670 is dead. Could also be an issue with the bridge chip and your chipset.
  6. sometimes its better to let windows detect the card and let it install the generic video drivers an then restart and then upgrade. I remember something weird like that with the older ati cards. With a new agp card going in an old mobo there's bound to be a chance for conflict. I have a mobo with pci-ex and agp and its very finnicky.
  7. there is gonna be another problem later : my pentium 4 does not allow me to play many newer games , it becomes a slideshow at any graphics setting , even at low physics . although i did myself a favour earlier by not giving in to the want of a 3850 agp , it saved me 20 dollars as well as a psu upgrade .
  8. Well it turns out the drivers are very finicky. I got them to work, well install I should say by simply using windows add / remove programs to remove the old drivers. Powered down. Installed the new card, powered up, installed the new hot fix drivers.

    However, I can't play any 3D games, the entire system shuts off on me when a game loads. I switched the hot fix drivers for the latest drivers from the manufacturer, but end up with the same result.

    The card says it requires a 400 watt or greater PSU. Mine is 550 watts, with 18amps on the 12v rail.
  9. I've got the same issue. Can't get a PowerColor 4670 AGP to run under Windows 7. Drivers cause BSOD's. Hotfix not much of a fix. Wondering in what order you loaded the drivers. Catalyst first, then the display driver. Hotfix, then display driver, or Display driver then hotfix?
    I'm running an MSI 7025 Neo2 Platinum MB w/4gigs of ram. Windows7 Home Premium.

    Thanks, Scott
  10. Kurmuj said:
    I've got the same issue. Can't get a PowerColor 4670 AGP to run under Windows 7. Drivers cause BSOD's. Hotfix not much of a fix. Wondering in what order you loaded the drivers. Catalyst first, then the display driver. Hotfix, then display driver, or Display driver then hotfix?
    I'm running an MSI 7025 Neo2 Platinum MB w/4gigs of ram. Windows7 Home Premium.

    Thanks, Scott

    Here is what I did. Bare in mind that I'm had made a change from an nvidia card to an ati card. First I went into windows add / remove programs. I then removed all nvidia drivers.

    Powered off the computer. Changed out the cards. Restarted. Loaded the current (9.10 i think they are) ATI hot fix drivers (the complete package express install).

    However, when I went to run a game, my computer completely turned off as if the power switch had been flicked.

    I had to actually turn the power off on my PSU, unplug it. Plug it back in, turn it back on. Then power up the PC. I then went to windows add / remove programs and this time uninstalled all ATI. I rebooted and installed the latest drivers from the manufacturer. However, this yielded the same result of my system suddenly turning off when a game loaded.

    So I took the card out, put my old nvidia 6800 in, removed the ati drivers, swept them with driver cleaner in safe mode, loaded windows and installed the latest nvidia drivers. loaded all the games that crashed and ran without a problem.

    I think the card is bad.

    Now I use XP where as you have windows 7. There may not be compatible drivers for agp ati cards and windows 7, but that's just a guess.
  11. thanks. I'll give your method a try. ATI sure makes it difficult to like their products. If this doesn't work I'll have to RMA.
  12. 4745454b said:
    From what you describe it sounds to me like the 4670 is dead. Could also be an issue with the bridge chip and your chipset.

    I have an HD 4670 that works great under XP. Just installed Win7 on a new HDD and the ATI drivers are not applying. I have followed all the forum suggestions e.g using Safe Mode, Driver Sweeper, disabling the Std VGA driver etc, but no luck. The latest v9.11 Catalyst does not make a difference.
  13. Interesting. I haven't heard of Win7 breaking anything. Doesn't apply to the OPs case, he is running XP.
  14. I have an ASUS AV8 Deluxe with an FX60 and 4 Gigs of Ram, I finally managed to get the damm card to install and run with Catalyst drivers and finally system is stable, after 2 weeks of pain installing and uninstalling drivers, windows, etc.

    This is how I did it:

    Unistalled the drivers for my old video card (BFG-7600GS-OC 256 Bit), cleaned with driver cleaner anything related to Nvidia but not the WDM drivers.
    Turned off PC, installed new card, it is recognized as Standard VGA card, downloaded AGP Hot Fix 12-4 from ATI site, run the installation in custom mode but do not let it install anything, you run it just to get the compresed files to decompress on your C:AMD/Support/Hot Fix 12-4...., close the installer cancelling the installation.
    Go to control panel, System, Hardware, Device manager... you should see the VGA adapter under the Display adapters, right click it and select update driver, show windows the folder where Catalyst decompressed and click next, you will get a warning that drivers are not digitally signed, just install regardless, after that go to the sound, video and game controlers and you should see and extra driver for sound that is not your video card and it could be related to ATI or even can be under unknown hardware, right click it and show windows where the HDMI drivers of the Catalyst are and let it install, you should get AMD High Definition Audio Device installed.

    OK first part done, now in the same Device manager click on View and chose "resources by Type", now go to the Interrupt Request (IRQ), and look where the new hardware is installed, in my case was sharing the same IRQ with my Firewire (wich I do not use) and my wired network card (wich I do not use either), so since the sharing IRQ is not good for this card you need to find a way to get them on and IRQ that is not shared.
    In Order to do this I wrote down the hardware that was getting shared on and disable them on BIOS, if you do not get them to work on not shared IRQ you wuill end up with a Bugged Catalyst and hiccups on games or drivers will just quit on you for no reason.
    Once you managed to get them (most than anything the video if you are not going to use the HDMI on card), ofc by now you restarted your computer to see that you acomplished the IRQ not shared for Video card and the sound.
    Now run the Catalyst install again on Custom mode, once the hardware is detected, UNCHECK the Sound driver, and let the installation install the rest, now that all is done, Reboot PC, if you encounter any program not loading or any windows problem after reboot, just reboot again... it should be OK after you reboot the 2nd time, now that windows started without any programs hanging out of pop up errors, Shut down computer and it should work with not problems after this step.

    If you plan not to use the HDMI on the card go to the Hardwera manager again and Disable the AMD High Definition audio Device.

    Just whatever you do, the Audio device do not install it with the Catalyst installer or it will get bugged and your computer will become unstable.

    I had to disable my lan in the hardware manager since bios did not do it.

    I hope this helps some of you that are struggling like I did.
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