How to restore Win Xp Pro to factory settings without cd?

i have an ibm think pad i need to know how to bypass the adimistrater password i bought it used
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  1. Can't be done I'm afraid and as you don't have a CD, you can't revert to factory settings unless IBM ofer you that at the first black sceen you see at startup. If a Function key isn't offered at that stage, there is no factory recovery.

    Don't buy a CD on e-Bay - most are fakes and won't pass activation or genuine advantage tests. The laptop has a future though - a Linux operating system is just as good if not better and costs nothing. Download and burn your own bootable CD and you can test that as a LiveCD without installing to test if you like it or not.

    A good one for starters is PCLinuxOS and that comes from A good utility to burn bootable disks is ImgBurn and that's free as well.

  2. The obvious fix here is to ask whoever you bought it from what the password is.

  3. Some sellers may not have hung around long enough to ask the original owner the password. :D
  4. you could try ibm and see if they can sell you a copy of the restore disk for it
  5. make a copy of kill disk and follow the instructons. it will wip out everything in the puter , a bomb wouldn,t clan it out as good as the kill disk. :bounce: :bounce:
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