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OC stability testing - dropping core velocity every minute on IBT

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March 15, 2012 8:29:34 AM

Dear minions and aficionados,

I began OCing my brand new 2500k on an ASRock z68 pro3-m, i am now at 4500 with vcore 1,32.
It has passed IBT (30 passes standard), but when i test it at High or above levels it comes down to 1600 every minute for 3-5 seconds .
Max temp is 70ºC (thanks to pull-push on an Antec620 and good case cooling).
I am installing Metro 2033 and Civ5 to see if this is affecting gameplay, but does anyone have any ideas why it could be acting like this, that is, lowering the core from 45 to 16 every minute?

thanks for the help!


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March 15, 2012 8:50:44 AM

Dropping from 4500 to 1600 is totally normall , the frequency will drop when CPU is idle ...
but if ur having drops to 4200 ~ 3200 from 4500 when IBT ing then
try these settings :

Short Duration power Limit : 250
Long Duration Power Limit : 250
Spread Spectrum : Disabled
Core Current Limit : 250
Internal PLL Overvoltage : Disabled
CPU LoadLine Calibration : Level 2
CPU Core Voltage : 1.32

Cpu Configuration
CPU C3 State : Disabled
CPU C1E : Enabled
Package C Support : Disabled
March 15, 2012 9:11:19 AM

that is my issue precisely, is that it drops while IBTing!

Short/Long duration and core current limit are set to 150 - will put to 200
Spread is enabled - read somewhere that enabling it helps with stability

Not sure about other settings, but will give a try!
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March 15, 2012 10:49:07 AM

i put Loadline calibration to level 2 and the temps shot up to 82ºC, also the vcore went right up to 1,44

I went to my previous settings, just left the Short/Long duration and core current limit at 200.
Ran OCCT and never had the drop i mentioned.
March 16, 2012 12:29:09 PM

SkyWalker1726 said:
Problem Solved then

It would seem so. It appears to occur only with IBT for some reason...
I have been playing BF3 and ME3 and checking the temps on a second monitor - they rarely went to 60C, averaging on the lower 40C.
I guess now im up to OC my GTX560ti =D
a b K Overclocking
March 16, 2012 12:56:19 PM

Reinstall IBT..Its probably just software corruption