MW2 + ATi + Win7 = ?

Is it just me with prob with that game?
I thought my E4500 (2.2 ghz) was bottlenecking my 4850, but the sudden freeze for a less that a second is happening even in main menu, I tried to OC my 4850, I got a better FPS but the prob is still there.
I got a
"Direct X encountered unrecoverable error"

then I have to restart the game.

E4500 @ 2.2
HD 4850 @ 650/1000 (FOC)
3 GB DDR2 @ 667
Win 7 32-bit
that problem is only happening in this game.
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  1. I don't think Mechwarrior 2 will work on windows 7, far too old ;). But just because its old doesnt mean some silly shooter can come and take its short form :P.

    Anyway, that is not a normal error, and not related to your hardware, tis a software problem. Make sure drivers and so on are up to date. You might consider trying to reinstall the game. You didnt by chance upgrade install to seven from vista did you?
  2. hmm.. less than a second freeze? Thats strange cause im having a freeze that blacks out my monitor and it seems like something restarts before it unfreezes. lasts about 10 sec.
  3. dose MW2 = Mechwarrior 2 or Modern Warfare 2?
  4. ^ Haha ya i have the same question.
  5. First up, why do you have 32-bit Windows 7?

    second, do the usual - update all drivers, run compatibility modes, update the game etc and see how that goes
  6. I'm fairly certain he is on about modern warfare 2 as that is what the kids like these days. I was kind of being a dick as I prefer my games from 1996! lol
  7. ^ lmao
    I dont wanna buy MW2 after IW selling out pc gamers nor do i want to provide tech support for those playing it on pc.

    JK ill help but i wont enjoy it. lol.
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