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Hi, not sure if I am in the right forum but i need some help with a problem. I sometime have trouble starting my computer, when I start it the tower itself looks like it power up just fine, Fan, lights and everything. Except keyboard and mice wont light up (they normally have some light in them) and the screen stays black. After a couple of try it start on the dos and tell me : Overclocking failed press f1 or f2, at this point I don't press any of those and restart the comp and it boot just fine.

Now, I am afraid if i continue like this something will break. I don't want my comp to die on me just before mass effect 2 :ouch: . I never tried to overclock anything so that's a bit weird. Here are my specs :

CPU :e6750 @ 2.66 ghz
RAM :3gig pc8500 @ 1066mhz
video card :BFG gtx 260
motherboard : Asus Commando
Power supplie : ocz gamextream 700w

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
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    Just reset the bios using the cmos jumper, or remove the board battery for a few seconds with the system turned off. Then replace the battery and power up. The post screen will tell you which f key to use to enter the bios; then set the boot order ex. cd>hardrive, memory voltage (set manually if needed) then save and exit. And stop trying to overclock if you don't know what you're doing. I stopped overclocking for better stability.
  2. Thx I will try that next time. But like i said in my first post, I never tried to overclock anything.
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