Motherboard PCIe x16 Slot stuck on x8?

I have an Asus P7P55D Motherboard and an Asus Gt220 gfx card, when i look in cpu-z, gpu-z and a couple of other programs it says my graphics card is running at 8x with a maximum of 16x, i dont have any other slots in use .... dont know whats going on!!!! nothing in the bios to change the link width ..! HELP!
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  1. Hi

    Can u post a picture of GPU-Z?
  2. hi, actually, i appear to have gotten to the bottom of the problem.... it appears that it changes as i put different stresses on the graphics.... when i open up graphics card stress test, i swiftly changes from x8 reading in gpu-z to x16!.... weird... must be a mobo feature?
  3. nVidia have something similar to the Cooal'n'quiet of AMD, that when u aren't using the GPU in load, the software reduce the performance of the GPU.

    But in ur case is better that check in the BIOS the speed of the PCI-E slot, if is configured as x16 should not be worried.
  4. i couldnt see anything relating to the PCIe link in the bios, i could see the frequency and plug n play settings. ... my motherboard is such that even when theres 2 graphics cards, the primary slot stays at x16 anyway (in crossfire it would be x16 and x4) so i dont suppose i chould worry?
  5. If the specs of your mobo says that support x16 and x4, and Crossfire in x4 right, u should not be worried.
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