1.5TB 2nd HDD fails to format

I am trying to format my seagate 1.5TB drive in my HP pavilion 6047c (Narra 3 Mobo) using
Windows Vista. It hung after about 1 TB or so. I broke it into two volume - I picked 732GB arbitrarily.
The first one completed the format and is Healthy & active. The second one hung probably around the same location. Is there a tool to check the physical layer and block out bad sectors? Any other troubleshooting tips welcome....
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  2. I suspect that your chipset or your drivers may be affected by a 1TiB limit.

    See Q6:
  3. So I followed cmichael's suggestion and downloaded seatools. I had to undo the partitioning (no big deal at this point) and ignore a few bad sector complaints (that were at the end of the storage ~1.54xxx TB). Throw in a few reboots due to seatools hanging and eventually it self-discovered the full amount. Thanks for the help!!!
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  5. Thank you

    Glad you were able to get it to work.
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