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This is my first post, but i can tell this is a nice place you got here...

i joined the forum, because i'm not that good when it comes to hardware .. and i have a bit of a problem...

i've kept my cpu near a heat source for over a month or so, and it stayed at 85-90-95 degrees Celsius. (i didn't think it could be influenced like that)

i have moved it away now, but with minor use in windows Xp SP2 (like Outlook and Chrome for instance) it gets up to 70 degrees and works sluggish.
is the processor deteriorated ? is the thermopaste deteriorated (i really don't think so, but still asking as i am a hardware noob).

thank you very much for your help
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  1. i found this, but it doesn't help me much .. :
  2. I use coretemp. If the temps idle at 55c or higher, you can try removing the heatsink and cleaning and applying new thermal paste. But don't touch it if you don't have any fresh thermal paste. The Intel cpus will throttle down when hot to prevent damage. It's also possible your temp monitor software doesn't work accurately with your motherboard. That's why I suggested coretemp.
  3. thanks for your reply Veteran. i use coretemp as well.

    i also found out that the T case specification si later explained in a doc (http://download.intel.com/design/processor/datashts/31327807.pdf) section 5.1, and sais that if you go above the Tcase temp limit (which is 61 for me), permanent damage can occur.

    at this moment it seems that lot's of things could have gone wrong, including,as i hear, the tension stabilizer or something like that, or the thermopaste

    i think i'll go into a service..

    if you still have an ideea please share :)
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