Has the P55-UD3L been discontinued?

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I like the one I have (Gigabyte P55-UD3L). It works great and I want another. But.. I can't find one that is not in an open box (at newegg) and is not from some smaller outfit that I have never dealt with. It seems as if the P55-UD3L may be discontinued. Can someone here advise on a suitable MB that is as like the P55-US3L as possible? I prefer to deal with Newegg or MicroCenter or perhaps even TigerDirect.
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  2. bilbat said:

    Thanks Very Much bilbat! I am building another machine for the WorldCommunityGrid and it just needs to compute -- minimalist disk, video, sound, CD. Again Thanks. and thanks for being so quick to respond. Regards.
  3. Always [:graywolf:9] !
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