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Hi guys, Im planning to get some new memory to replace by crappy ones now. Saw that the Corsair DOMINATOR GT is quite good, 2000MHz, 7-8-7-20(
I want to ask:
1. Doesn these ram run at 2000MHz once they are installed into the pc? Does that mean 4000 uncore on a X58 system?
2. What is Intel XMP? How do i get it?
3. Which is better, higher speed frequency or lower latency?

Thx a million!!
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  1. Hi.

    1- Does mean that u want waste ur money, go with 1600 since the difference between 1600 and 2000 is <1%. When u install the RAM, that only can run at 2000MHz not a 4000MHz as u say.
    2- XMP is a pre-overcloked RAM. In other words, are RAM profiles to OC depending of ur needs and profile that u select.
    3- The better is High speed AND lower CL.
  2. So does that Corsair ram support XMP? Do I get to choose the profiles right after I installed the ram?
  3. 1- I'm not sure if that Dominator support XMP, u can contact to Corsair to know that.

    This two support XMP:


    P.D. The difference between 1600 and 2000 isn't big, so, don't waste ur money in that 2000 kit and go with the 1600 kit.
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