PC Shuts off within 45sec after start - not a heat issue?

Ok I just went through this same problem a few weeks ago , and by turning it on and going into the bios quick before it shut down I ended up blowing the power supply. So now have brand new OCZ 700watt StealthxStream PSU , Asus M2n32-SLI Deluxe Mobo , AMD Athlon 64 5000+ Black Edition CPU , 2x1gb of OCZ 5-5-5-15 DDR2 800 Ram, 1 750gb Samsung HDD , 1 Asus DVD Burner...

It will shut off no later than 45sec into boot , after that it will shut off within 10-15sec which makes me think its a heat issue. So first thing I did was trace back to what I may have changed before this started, the only thing I had changed was upgrading from XP -> Win7 32bit....All ran fine for a few days. After it shuts down I don't feel any physical heat from the CPU heatsink (big zalman copper one) or any other component. Some of the times I can get it to stay on long enough to get into bios real quick and check CPU temp and it seems average ~55ºC.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, right now I have come to the thinking that the CPU must not be able to hold voltage or something as it is about 4yrs old now. Its just I don't want to go and replace an old AM2 cpu and not upgrade the motherboard ,but if I upgrade the mobo then I'm buying new ram etc and I am really on a budget so probably will just stick with buying another AM2 CPU for under $100.
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  1. Your CMOS battery could be failing. Typically when the battery is losing power, it will cause boot failure. When the battery is completely dead, you won't boot at all.
    Try changing out your CMOS batter first, as it is relatively cheaper than upgrading.
  2. Hmmm thanks for the tip , I've always wondered can I just take one from an older motherboard, or are the specific for each mobo?
  3. that all depends on how old the other mobo is. The size of the battery is the same, but the voltages may differ. Generally the batteries are the same voltage, but there are a few of the older ones that may have a higher threshold than the one in question. I would just suck up the ~$5 or so to get a new one.
  4. How about just going to bios and looking at the temps? Absolutely no power management so it would heat up quick and turn itself off without windows...

    BTW. PSU should not blow by going to bios unless there is a real problem. Would have happened no matter what...

    Re-seat the CPU cooler?
  5. Thnks again for the tip...

    Just got done re-applying new thermal paste and clamping the heatsink.

    I can get into the bios if I havent turned it on in a few hours but I only have about 40seconds from when I turn it on, I got to Temps and they looked fine, also got to reset to default settings and then boot again before the power cuts out. I'm doubting it has anything to do with the power supply as its an RMA I just got back 2days before this happened. Still hoping its the battery, found a 3pack @ radioshack for $12. Will report back on the results.

    Would it at first staying on for about 40seconds then slowly 30sec...20sec...10sec etc give any indications to the cause?
  6. If you are certain that the problem is not due to the contact of your CPU to your heatsink, then the problem is almost certainly due to your power supply being faulty.
  7. Ah got it to run for almost 2min and slowly watched the cpu temp go up , let it get to 90ºc ...slowly crawled up in just 2min. Looking at the cpu and heatsink looked like it had fine contact. Could it just be time that would cause a cpu to start putting out more heat?
  8. Oh well you found the cause of your problem, bad contact from the CPU to the heatsink. I would sugest that you look at the tutorials on how to fit a heatsink as it is very easy to get it wrong and the cleanliness of the surfaces and application of the heatsink compound are critical.
  9. Well darn , resinked it and now after waking up the PC shut down in the middle of the night. Looking at logs from a few programs I got to monitor temps the highest it got was 75ºc ....Does this mean the CPU is just at the end of its road? I mean having to resink it 2x within a week and still have problems?
  10. 75 is still a bit to hot, I don’t like my CPU temperatures to get higher than 70 at full load with the highest ambient temperatures. You may have fitted the heatsink at an angle which will cause the high temperatures and the shutdown. I think that your CPU is probably OK. When you take the heatsink off the CPU look at the surface of the CPU you should have an even, very thin film of heatsink compound over the entire area of the chip. When reapplying the heatsink compound it is important to clean both surfaces first before applying a thin layer of heatsink compound.
  11. Ok I have sinked and resinked this thing about 5 times now and it will last for anywhere from 10min to a few hours each time , looking at the heatsink its sitting nice and flush and tight againts the cpu , its a zalman cnps97000 heatsink btw so it def clamps down once its set. Is this just a sign that the cpu just can no longer hold heat or something? I can feel heat transfering up into the heatsink too which I never could before. Any help greatly apppreciated, thinking of just buying a new heatsink rather than cpu as funds are kinda short right now,but not sure if this is a sign of a cpu gone bad.
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