Gateway 4026gz intel celeron 350 1.3 ghz

can i upgrade to pentium m i have a 4026gz gateway specs level 2 cache 1MB cant find no information specs on my motherboard for cpu upgrade i have motherboards 40-a07080-b500 or 40-a07040-b400 with intel celeron m 350 cpu belarc advisor boad gateway m320 and 4500 series KBC K53.28.18YYYYYYYYYYYYY S/N-0123456789012345 BIOS 53.01.04
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  1. Yes. The celeron m is on the same socket as the pentium m.
  2. googled for a week nothing on motherboards i mentioned as for as cpus these boards take
  3. Is that your way of asking for references?

    Here is you CPU. Note the socket:

    Here is a list of Pentium Ms. Note the socket.
  4. thank you enzo matrix im confused with intel cpus had amd cpus and the past with desk top i built 2003 gateway just dont give no information and cant find nothing in search engines im playing with this 4026gz notebook as im on workers compensation and moneys tight have some time to study and upgrades are cheap for this notebook if i can get motherboard specs as gateway dont give no information from bios upgrades to cpu or motherboard maker all they give is part numbers that were in this model and i have not been around computers in about 7 years and never took apart a notebook would like to max memory $72. from 2 sticks 256 to 2 sticks 1gz 512 to 2gz and pentium m ?ghz from this celeron m 350 1.3 ghz l2 cache 1mb specs say motherboard in 4026gz has l2 cache 1mb than you look at gateway 320 which is in some 4026gz has l2 cache 2mb bios must be different dont know if i can put a pentium m in it it says it has a socket 479 mPGA according to cpu-z was looking pentium m 1.7 spec number sl6n5 because l2 cache 1mb dont evan know if it will work or is it worth it how much better is it faster this are the other things im cocerned with voltage range core stepping b1 1 have model d 90nm b1 dothan thanks for any help and again thanks
  5. Wow. Just wow. That one long sentence missing so many necessary words. I just can't understand it. If you have any more questions I would gladly help. Could you format them in a list so that I can read them more easily? Like this:
    -this is a question?
    -question 2?

    it would help me. If I missed any questions just ask them again like that. Anyway from what I can decode you are asking or saying you plan to do:

    -upgrade from 512MB of ram to 2GB
    -If you are using windows xp, this will not speed up your computer in much of a measurable way. I have personally
    found a ram upgrade past 1GB for XP to be redundant. I recommend keeping your current ram. upgrade would
    be a waste of money
    -Something about the cpu and bios and socket. And I think you might be asking if the upgrade would be worth the cost
    The Pentium m is compatible with your socket. The difference would be measurable but still obsolete by today's
    standards. So in my opinion upgrading the system would not be worth it. You also mention you have not taken
    apart a laptop before. It is much more stressful as the parts are smaller and sometimes more frustrating to
    work with.

    -Something about voltage
    I really can't decode what you're trying to ask here.

    Personally I would not find any upgrade to that machine worthwhile. It would be more worthwhile to wait until you have the money to buy a new good laptop for about $500-600.

    You say you want to upgrade to save on cost. What is the problem with your current machine? What do you use it for?
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