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Recently purchased 4 Cougar Vortex's for my H100 (in push/pull obviously.) I did not get the PWM version only the 1200 rpm version.

My question is when i get a fan controller will it be okay to control these fans? Or should i get the PWM version to control the rpm's better? Or does it really matter that much?

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  1. i use a fan controller for my h80

    gives you the choice of exactly how fast/loud your fans are rather than letting the motherboard control it
  2. Thanks for the response. Right. I was going to do this in the first place. I guess my second question is: can i push my fans past 1200 rpm? they are not the pwm version which say up to 1500 rpm. I have no volt reader so i have no way to see what the CPU block is giving the Cougars.
  3. depends--i think usually theres about a +10% or -10% tolerance on the stated speed so may get 1300rpm out

    of them if you are lucky
  4. ^Although that will lead to noise and fan failure sooner rather than later,
    I use a fancontroller on my radfans, most W/c'ers do because we end up with so many lol
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