Trouble installing video card

I'm trying to install a video card Radeon HD 4650 but its not working ... properly. When the card is connected I can see and open the bios, I can see the start up windows loading screen. But after that my monitor goes black and a floating screen saying "input not supported" shows up on my monitor. My monitor is an Acer H233H.

I have;

- an integrated graphics card and am installing the new video card
- In the BIOS I set it so that it recognizes the new video card over the integrated

- I connected my monitor to the new video card via a VGA to DVI converter ( my new video card only has DVI and s-video slots)

- When I fist connected my video card it I was able to enter the windows OS (the driver for it wasn't installed) ... until I changed the resolution because it wasn't displayed properly then after that all I ever got was "input not supported"
- I have changed to various resolutions with the new video card but still get the same problem

... I don't know I'l lost can anyone help?
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  1. Have you tried booting up the computer with the card installed while the monitor is reading from the integrated card? Try installing the drivers for the HD 4650 while displaying from the integrated card.
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply ... but yeah when my new card is installed and my monitor cable is connected directly to the onboard graphics card slot I get the input not supported message. But when I disconnect the video card everything works fine. I'l try installing the new video cards drivers first
  3. 'input not supported ' usually means the card is running at a frequency/resolution your monitor cannot support. This is odd in itself - your monitor should run at 1920*1080/75Hz and most cards default to 60Hz. Have you tried booting into safe mode? This should boot into windows and allow you to select a resolution/frequency your monitor can handle.
  4. installed the driver and still nothing

    I've also tried it in safe mode but I still get the same thing
  5. I've tried two different monitors (an LCD and a CRT) and still the same problem ... if it is a frequency/resolution problem I suspect the new video card is defaulting to a res/freq the monitors can't handle. But if I can't enter windows in normal and safe mode how do I change the res/freq?

    or can anyone offer another suggestion?
  6. Try with the DVI Cable, your monitor should have come with both DVI Cable and VGA.

    It is possible that the DVI to VGA Adapter isnt doing the job right.
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