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Pump Pressure Problem?

So I have everything set up for my water cooling loop:

FrozenQ Fusion Dual Bay Reservoir
Swiftech MCP35X pump w/ pump top (mounted to back of reservoir)
3/8" ID tubing w/ BitsPower compression fittings
Raystorm CPU block
Koolance HD 7970 full coverage GPU block
Black Ice GTX Xtreme 240mm rad (~60mm thick)
Black Ice Xtreme II 240mm rad (~45mm thick)

Poured some water in the reservoir, turned on the power, water drained (a bit slowly in my opinion, though I'm not familiar with these pumps). Topped it back off, flipped the switch, and...nothing happened. Water didn't drain from the reservoir, no water ran down from the radiator mounted on top of the case, nothing. Well, almost nothing - a bit of water in the aforementioned tube moves forward a couple inches when the pump is turned on, then slides back when the pump is turned off.

Seems like a lemon pump if you ask me, but I'm brand new to this. Anyone want to confirm/help me troubleshoot?

I have a great YouTube video of the problem:
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    You have an airlock, the pump isn't at fault, it's how the loop is filled, or actually, not filled. Where is your reservoir in relation to your pump? If your pump is higher in your system, you are only forcing air to rise to the pump instead of forcing air to rise away from your pump. Does your reservoir feed to your pump inlet? (hopefully?)
  2. Yes, my reservoir does feed to my pump inlet. In the video, when I show the pump, the white wall it is mounted on is the reservoir, so the pump is at the same level as the res.

    I actually figured it out, and you were correct - there was a big air bubble in the pump top between the pump and reservoir. I had to tilt the case completely onto its back to get the air bubbles out :/

    Man, you are like a best answer machine, bro.
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  4. Glad you got it sorted out. I'll close this thread- let me know if you need it reopened for some reason.

    Good luck.
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