Please Help With Hard drive Disappearance

Hey guys,

I home built my computer, and it currently contains 3 hard rives. Two of the hard rives are raided, while the third hard rive contains all of my data. The OS is Windows 7 x64.

I had initiated a backup of my computer, and it started acting a little skittish. Before the backup completed, the computer froze and I had to restart. Upon restart, the third hard rive (the one with data, including photos) disappeared.

The hard rive is a Samsung HD103SJ. It shows up in both the bios and the Device Manager. In Disk Management, the drive is labeled as "Not Initialized."

The drive includes all of my data, and I would be devastated if I lost it. What could have caused the problem, and will I be able to restore the drive?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.


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  1. if it shows as not initialised then the partition table is gone.

    try plugging the drive into another system then boot it up. if your lucky it may just be corrupt file attributes and windows/scandisk will correct it on boot.

    other than that try data recovery software like easy recovery pro.

    else your going to have to format it and take the data loss.
  2. Thank you for your prompt reply. Is there anything else that I can do? Are there any other programs your recommend?


  3. I would examine sector 0 with a disc editor. That's where the partition table lives.

    DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery):

    I would also run a test on the drive using either of the following utilities.

    HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

    HDDScan for Windows:
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