LCD Monitor Problem - Any LCD Experts Here?

My LCD monitor is about 3 years old.

The model is BenQ FP91G+.

I am currently using the onboard graphic card which is Radeon Express 1250 on M2V-VM all in one Asus Mobo.

The monitor seems to be blindingly bright, especially with white color. It seems as if the screen is flickering even though I don't think it is. The symptoms on my eyes seem similar to the condition after watching at a low refresh rate for awhile. The monitor is currently set on 75 Hz. My eyes get tired fast and literally hurt a bit if I use the websites with white background for awhile. When running a movie or a video, there doesn't seem to be much of any problem.

The problem started after formatting recently. I had to format because the computer would, for some reason, lock up when there is a signficant CPU load. When the computer froze, I had to reset the computer by manually turning off the power. I did this about 8+ times to sort and obtain the necessary files before formatting. I wonder if that hurt the monitor.

I didn't have this problem before formatting. Remember: I have been using this monitor for the past 3 years. Adjusting the gamma/brightness isn't the issue here. I tried different setups and they weren't the main issue that was causing the problem, meaning it isn't the solution. Again, I don't have any problem viewing videos.

I would like to know if this is a problem with the aging of the monitor or a problem with the onboard VGA.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Have u tried to set your monitor on 60 Hz?
    Or maybe if u have a graphic card then u could try it on and see whether it's your onboard vga or the monitor that had trouble...

    My current LCD is 3 years old too and doesn't seems any trouble.
  2. I think 75hz is better. I have been using it on 75hz for about 3 years now. On 60 Hz, the problems remain.

    I don't own a seperate graphic card.
  3. we don't know for sure where your trouble was unless u try with separate vga , maybe u could use your friend's card to test if it work on your LCD...

    Yes, 75Hz is better...
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