Is my RAM running at the correct speed?

I have this RAM:

I just looked in CPU-Z, and the DRAM Frequency doesn't seem right, but I'm no expert when it comes to hardware:

If anyone could shed some light on this that would be great:


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  1. It's running at 1564.4MHz; the specs are 1600MHz, so the RAM speed is pretty close to the specs. Your ratio FSB:DRAM is 2:8; it looks like you may be OCing your system. If so it is not usual to run the RAM a little under or over its specs.
  2. Hi.

    Since DDR means double-data-rate, u need multiply by two (2) the speed that u see in CPU-Z.

    782.2MHz * 2 = 1564.4MHz, that is the 1600 standard speed.

    The timings looks good for ur RAM, just be sure that the voltage isn't above 1.65V or can hurt your processor.
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